We learned a long time ago that doing what’s expected isn’t always enough

Stories Worth Telling

A doctor steps beyond her everyday duties to help a fellow human being in need. A switchboard operator listens, really listens, to the person on the other side of the line. A team of providers rushes to the aid of woman in distress, even before she sets foot in the clinic. Virtually every day, stories like these unfold at Sunset Health. Here are just a few of them.

Driven to Care

One day I was working my regular shift here at Sunset Health when I received a phone call. As I began to listen carefully to the reason for the call, I could feel by the sound of her voice she was upset and frustrated. I continued to listen carefully by asking questions to better understand what she was feeling. After a short period of time, she was able to share with me she had been recently evicted from her home and was currently living in a hotel. She mentioned that due to this, she was not feeling good and her anxiety was getting worst. She was very desperate and asking for help, however due to her current situation she had no way to pay for a doctor’s visit or find transportation to get medical help. Personally, me knowing what she was going through I knew immediately something needed to be done to help her out. I was able to communicate with my supervisor whom we were able to arrange transportation for our patient to get the best medical treatment. This was a very important day for me, sometimes we do not know what our community might be going through and if there is an opportunity to make a change or an impact in someone’s life, we should all go for it. At the end of the day, she put a smile on my face, she came and thank me for what we did and let me know she no longer felt alone or scared and that she knew Sunset Health would always be here for her.


–Story shared by Breanna Enriquez

The Sundy Undy Program

A healthy upbringing is essential for kids to get a proper start in life, but we have found that even small obstacles can prevent a child from receiving proper health.

Shorty, after we opened the School Health Center at Rancho Viejo Elementary School, we came across a situation where Dr. Robert Cannell at Sunset Health needed to complete a medical examination on a boy. While completing the examination Dr. Robert Cannell asked the boy if he could remove his pants to complete the exam. It came to DR. Cannells surprise the boy sadly refused to remove his pants because he unfortunately was not wearing any underwear. The boy explained to him, his mother had recently lost her job and her family simply could not afford to buy any clothes. After listening to this Dr. Cannell knew he needed to do something about this and find a way to help children and families in need. Dr. Cannell is a big man with an even bigger heart, he then told his congregation, at the Sierra Vista Presbyterian Church, about the boy’s situation. Together, they sprang into action and created the Sundy Undy program, where parishioners donate new underwear and socks for children of families who are financially in need. The children were delighted to receive these comfy clothing, including a young girl who no longer worried about going down the slide at the school’s playground because she felt good knowing she was wearing proper clothe.

Sundy Undy Program has been providing socks and underwear to kids for some time now, and it all began because of a caring Sunset Health doctor who understood that good healthcare is impossible without compassion.



— Story shared by Edna Hernandez, RN

Stepping in Making a Difference

In November of 2018, one of Dr. Pamela Sharp’s patient came in with very high blood pressure. As part of her treatment, DR. Sharp had asked her to monitor daily her blood pressure at home, but unfortunately this was not happening. Her patient explained she had difficulty monitoring her blood pressure because she could not afford to buy a blood pressure machine and was not able to come to Sunset Health because of transportation issues. Understanding that her patient’s health was at risk, Dr. Sharp took it upon herself and bought a blood pressure machine for her patient.

This is just one of many stories that illustrates how our providers are willing to go above and beyond their immediate responsibilities to give our patients the quality of care they deserve.


— Story shared by Sheila Beltran

Prepared to Care

Working in a health care environment can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. Medical emergencies can happen at any time, but with the help of a well prepared and properly trained staff patients who are in danger can be treated quickly and effectively.

One day, I was walking towards the entrance of Sunset Health when I saw a woman collapse to the ground. I immediately ran towards to her to offer my help, but by the time I got to her our nursing staff and two medical providers were already providing her with medical assistance. Thanks to the great response our front desk possesses; an emergency code was called, and we were able to provide our patient with excellent medical treatment. Sunset Health ‘s staff was able to act quick and effectively, our patient was able to return home safely.


— Story shared by  Eleazar Castaneda