ADHD Awareness

Our educational program has helped parents and their children cope with the challenges of ADHD

Understanding the Cause and Treatment of ADHD

Do you suspect that your child may have ADHD? It’s one of the first things that’s considered when a child’s behavior becomes disruptive or problematic. Observing this type of behavior closely is critical since many children aren’t yet able to articulate what they’re feeling. That’s why it’s important for teachers and parents to be aware of what ADHD looks like in the classroom, and how it might be confused with other things that could be influencing the child’s behavior.

Here are a few signs that may indicate ADHD:

  • Self-absorbed behavior
  • Emotional turmoil
  • Fidgeting
  • Lack of focus
  • Daydreaming
  • Trouble getting organized
  • Forgetfulness

Sunset Health’s ADHD Awareness program provides valuable education to parents about community resources available for children between the ages of 5 and 18 years who have been diagnosed with ADHD. The goal of this program is to equip parents with resources to ensure that their child is obtaining proper care and professional intervention.

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Health tip

Avoid power struggles

Instead of fighting with your child over control, keep them focused on the situation and be descriptive about how you want their behavior to change.