Start To Empower Personal Selfcare

STEPS To Understanding Your Physical And Emotional Wellness

Resilience and Personal Development

The purpose of the STEPS program is to provide the necessary functional tools to the patient, with the objective that at the end of the sessions they have full knowledge of their own existing resources, as well as those found in the community. In addition to the treatment that the patient receives with his provider, the STEPS program allows the detection of new work areas, within which the following will be found:

  • Self-esteem
  • Adaptability Goals to achieve
  • Teamwork
  • Detection of opportunities for personal improvement

What is this program:

The STEPS project seeks to generate different options that allow better results in the identification of risk factors in treatment, with the intention of improving the related areas to the chronic disease management. 
It integrates a series of personal work strategies and resources throughout 7 sessions, which collaborate in the chronic diseases management, such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Kidney Problems
  • Cancer or some cardiovascular disease

Physical and emotional health disorders often go hand in hand. It has been shown that people with serious or chronic physical illnesses often have a co-existing emotional health problem. (NIMH, 2021)


The STEPS structure covers a total of 7 sessions, where different topics of interest related to the chronic disease management can be addressed, which are mentioned below:

  • Session 1: Emotional Health and Chronic Diseases
  • Session 2: Personal strenghts and capabilities
  • Session 3: Belief system and its effect on managing my condition
  • Session 4: Learning to use emotional intelligence to your advantage
  • Session 5: The importance of self-esteem
  • Session 6: Self-acknowledgement and management of anxiety and stress
  • Session 7: Support system and resilience

Ask your Sunset Health provider how you can take part in this vital program.

Health tip

Go with the flow

Instead of resisting change, and feeling fearful about your future, try to find opportunities for growth and discovery instead.