Board of Directors

Honoring our past while pursuing a bold vision for the future

Focused on our mission

Our all-volunteer Board of Directors is comprised of established community leaders with extensive experience serving the needs of Sunset Health’s patient population. Through their guidance, our organization maintains its vision and purpose while continually looking for new ways to broaden its impact.

Board members meet on a regular basis to discuss and strategize the organization’s operations, growth and overall direction. With their vision and encouragement, we ensure that our mission is carried out on a consistent basis.

Our Board of Directors consists of the following individuals:

Manny Figueroa, President
Fernie Quiroz, Vice President
Maria Ramirez, Secretary
Josie Smith, Treasurer
Jorge Lozano
Nohemy Echavarria
Adriana Martinez Anaya
Rafael Torres
Carlos Arroyo Pelayo
Josefa “Josie” Uriarte
Veronica Shorr

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